Jazzwise MPU 300-400-2

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Jazzwise LUME Fest 2017. First names announced and early bird tickets here: https://t.co/znr1ttWvCx @lumemusiclondonhttps://t.co/1DD7Kc9zsL
Jazzwise @BrightonAltJazz These guys ... next level...
Jazzwise Brit-jazz upstarts Ezra Collective will have their @officialronnies gig LIVE streamed from 11.15pm GMT on 22 April… https://t.co/vIagZi7rYg
Jazzwise @RadiusArmsMicro @HarbourBrewing Came to your pub with my folks Easter weekend - lovely place, and great Oakham Citra on tap - cheers
Jazzwise Empirical Pop-Up Jazz Lounge Bops to Birmingham, London and Liverpool https://t.co/OBmVz5JbvE https://t.co/6AReTTNHW3
Jazzwise Happy birthday to the legendary Alan Skidmore @cuneiformrecord @RecCollMag @jazzfm @hi4headrecs @vortexjazzhttps://t.co/DGb0HW8jC8

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