Jazzwise MPU 300-400-2

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Jazzwise Trish Clowes and Vula Viel Among Those Scoring Scarborough Fest Successes https://t.co/DyzgGHchVA https://t.co/L3Zvap1VPV
Jazzwise Sons of Kemet, Soweto Kinch and Binker & Moses kick it at Cambridge https://t.co/oQ7KELYoJ1 https://t.co/B4bCJmBF4G
Jazzwise Gareth Lockrane's Grooveyard Get To Grips At The Verdict https://t.co/HbkYnrCfYb @Garethlockrane @verdictjazzhttps://t.co/81WUB6C3pz
Jazzwise @matanaroberts https://t.co/KrvOZlfMqf Padang Food Tigers & Sigbjorn Apeland - coming soon on Northern Spy - hope this is what you meant!
Jazzwise Empirical announce monthly Old Street Records residency https://t.co/TBk9D167IB @cuneiformrecord @empiricalmusichttps://t.co/S1c8PVtLNQ

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